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Our products

Our products are for photovoltaic energy generation, storage and consumption, with the best products on the market and flexibility of applications in all sizes of projects.

Solar boards

From the solar radiation emitted during the day, photovoltaic solar panels generate electricity, even on rainy and cloudy days. They are made of silicon that in contact with sunlight generate energy.


The inverter is the brain of the system, it has the function of converting the energy absorbed by the modules to the conditions necessary for use in the electrical network without changing the existing network at the site. They store data, manage energy generation, monitor and connect the photovoltaic systems with the electricity grid of the local energy utility.


Batteries are the last part of the system, responsible for storing the energy collected in the solar panels, (but that is not always necessary), so you will have energy even when there is no sunlight to be captured.


We design and carry out the structured cabling of the entire electrical network if necessary, and with the best products on the market. The necessary structure to connect the existing system to the new solar energy generation system, is also provided.